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The Sounds of 1960

The Sounds of 1960 | Billboard’s Top 10 Hits

The radios used in the 1960 Oldsmobile predate the common use of transistors in car radios, and are instead powered by vacuum tubes.  When you turn one on, there’s a pause as the filaments in the tubes warm up and begin to glow, amplifying the sound before it leaves the radio and heads for the speakers, and eventually reaching your ears.  During that pause, you have a minute to think…ever wonder what would have played through those old tubes when the car was new?  I have, so I did a little research to find out and this is the result–the Top 10 Billboard Hits of 1960.  If you close your eyes, you can easily picture the soft glow of the dashboard, the stars overhead, and that special someone sitting next to you as you roll down the road in your new Oldsmobile…

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  1. Hi, From home (France) I can’t hear a single song. Happily I have the luck to hear the sound when I cruise on my sceni coupe or holiday sedan. The sound is just great.



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