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Product Review: Reproduction Glove Box

When I got my ’60 back in 1995, the interior was…well, gross would be a kind way to put it.  Moldy would be another.  The whole thing was basically destroyed by years of neglect, sitting in the sun, and having small animals living in it.  The cardboard liner for the glove box was still there, but in pretty rough shape.  It held the stuff I put in it and that was good enough for me, at least until I completely restored the rest of my dash area.  The old box was so ugly compared to the rest of it, I didn’t bother putting it back in.  That was fine though…the only thing I had to put in there was my registration paperwork, and that fit under the seat just fine.  Still…it always kind of bothered me that I didn’t have anything there…but I didn’t know that there was a reproduction liner available.

Until now :).  I search ebay pretty frequently for 1960 Oldsmobiles, and that was how I stumbled across this one.  The seller was 3cet and it was advertised as fitting 1959 and 1960 Oldsmobile 88s without AC.  As far as I know, there are no differences in the dash area between 88s and 98s aside from the usual trim variations, so I figured I’d pick it up for my 98.  I couldn’t really tell exactly how it compared to my old box from the picture, but just going on memory I thought it looked pretty close.  I didn’t bother digging the old one out of the garage…I figured for $29.95 if the fit was even close it would be better than what I had.

When it arrived, I was really (really) impressed with how well it was packaged…I’ve bought a lot of stuff on ebay over the years, and it’s always a crap shoot how it’s going to be boxed up.  This one was perfect.  Big box with lots of packing paper, and sealed with tape that said “FRAGILE-DELICATE INSTRUMENT” all over it…a really nice touch I thought.  After it arrived, I dug out my old nasty one and took some side by side pictures to compare the two.  Click on the pictures for a larger view.


You’ll notice that the opening is the same shape, but the interior dimensions are somewhat different…the old one has a sort of “dogleg” shape up front that means it has a little more room inside because the interior drops down.  It also has an angled spot on the drivers’ side with a hole in the new box is lacking.  It’s possible that the 98 glove box was shaped slightly differently than the 88…maybe it was slightly bigger as an upgrade.  I don’t have a clear picture of an 88 glovebox to compare it to, but if someone has theirs out and want’s to take a picture, please send me one.  So, how does it compare to the original quality wise?  See below:

It’s actually quite good.  The cardboard material seems to be a pretty good match to the original, and it has the same sort of “fuzzy” interior lining as the old one.  The bends, cuts and staples are all on par with the original.  It’s a nice piece.  The last big question of course is “how does it fit?”…

I did a test fit after it arrived just to see.  It’s close…darn close.  Not quite perfect though–it’s going to need a very small trim on the front drivers side, and the hole that the light pokes through is just a little bit too tight.  I can’t quite get my light installed so I’ll have to open it up just a scooch.  Otherwise, it fit quite well.  One thing I do have ot mention though, is the fact that the original box has little metal tabs installed that the retaining screws go into, and the new box doesn’t have these.  You can get something similar that will work from any hardware store, but I’m going to pry the original ones out of my old box and see if I can make them work instead.  Once I have the box completely installed, I’ll take a picture of it in the car.  My car also has the power trunk release, and I can’t remember exactly how that was installed but I’m pretty sure it will work fine with this box.  It should come out really well.


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  1. I just received a new repop glove box for my 1960 Super 88 and I too had to add some metal clips so I could screw down to glove box opening I also had to trim one side down as the new box was a little too long. I have found that alot of these repops from China are always off a little. Unless you custom make a box (expensive and time consuming)we are stuck with what is available for us Olds freaks. It is now installed but it took alot longer to install than it should have. Sure would be nice if GM would tool up and provide replacement parts like these for old GM cars.

  2. I am interested in obtaining a cardboard replacement glove box from 3cet, but despite research efforts, I have been unable to find the seller or product on ebay. Would it be possible to obtain the direct link to the product or seller from you? Thank you.

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