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1960 Olds Photo Shoot

I’ve been into photography since I was a kid, and I started to get really serious about it around 2002 when I switched from film to digital.  A couple of years ago I started my own business on the side, Last Best Photography (see my blog here : www.lastbestphotography.com).  Usually at least once a year I take my ’60 Olds out for a little photo shoot, and last weekend I was it.  The scenery around here is fantastic, and makes a great backdrop for this sort of thing.  I’m posting a few of my favorites from the shoot…click on them for a larger view.

And here’s one my assistant took of me…

And here’s one that got the full photoshop treatment, just for fun :).

Here’s a more complete set from the shoot:


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  1. This 1960 Olds was my first American car after I immigrated to Canada. I bought it in Ottawa for $1000 as a second hand car in 1965 and drove it to Western Canada and also to the Maritimes. My son explained that this car is ‘all automatic’–It was my dream car and I patiently fixed the rusted trunk with Fiberglas and painted the lower parts of the car with marine blue paint. When the repair shop lost one of the grand wheel covers, it was costing $25 to replace it which was a big price than. When I sold it two years later I got $800 for it and the gentleman who bought it made a 5000 mile road trip through the USA and told me on his return that he had no trouble at all. That engine was terrific.

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