Headlight Adjuster Repair

Headlight Adjuster Repair-By Greg Pettit

The headlight adjusters on my car are all broken. This causes the headlights to point all over the place instead of on the roadway.

Pulled one of the headlight buckets out to see what the problem was, and noticed that the plastic blocks that the headlight adjuster screws thread into were rotted away and broken.

I figured that replacement adjusters were unavailable, and the generic replacement adjusters were so different that they would not have worked.

Instead, I used 2″ long 10-24 screws with nylock nuts as adjusters. Here’s how I did it.

First, I needed to drill two holes into the bucket to allow the screws to protrude out the back. To properly locate the holes, I assembled the headlight into the bucket and used a 10-32 screw to mark the spot where I would drill a 3/16″ hole.

After drilling the holes, I reassembled the headlight bucket using the new 2″ long screws and the nylock nuts on the back.

Obviously, the nuts needed to be attached to the bucket somehow to allow the screw to be threaded in and out to adjust the headlight aim.

So I tack welded each nut onto the bucket. Gotta be careful, the nylon will melt out really easily. I put a small tack on each nut followed immediately by a spray of aerosol brake cleaner. Cooled things down quick and prevented excess melting.

This is what the assembly looks like from the front.

Here it is back in the car.

This is hardly any kind of concours quality repair, but I feel that it’s functionally far superior to the original design. At the very least it is a vast improvement over floppy headlights.

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