Scott Clark 98 Holiday Scenicoup

I bought my ’60 Olds way back in 1995…I was in college at the time, and had already done one ground up restoration as well as bunch of engine overhauls and other work.  The first time I saw her, she was sitting with a bunch of other cars that had just been sold by the County Sheriff as abandoned vehicles.  I’d missed the auction, but I still stopped by to take a look.  I’m not sure exactly what drew me to it…it was a unique car that looked like it would make a fun project.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was looking at.  I made a couple phone calls and found out one of the local junkyards had bought it at the auction.  After it was towed to the yard, I asked the owner how much for the whole thing.  $350.  They paid $75 for it at the auction.  I gave the man his money, and my ’60 Olds adventure began…

I had to have a friend tow it back to my place…it’s a minor miracle we made it there safely.  Virtually no brakes, no power steering…just a whole lot of luck.  What I got for my $350 was a once proud, mostly complete 98 Holiday Scenicoup that had been sitting in a field for 12 years when some kid bought it to fix up.  The interior was moldy and destroyed, the engine shot (with mice living on it).  He didn’t have any money for the project, and the police eventually towed it as an abandoned vehicle.  I only know this because the kid showed up on my doorstep after I parked it in front of my house.  He’d put a couple of really ugly chrome wheels on it, and wanted to know if I’d sell them back to him.  He offered to bring me the original title, and some paperwork for it.  “Sure.”  I didn’t really want the wheels anyway.

Also had another guy stop by an offer to trade me for it straight across for an original 1964 Chevy Impala two door hardtop.  Wasn’t an SS or anything, but a fairly clean original car.  V8 with a powerglide.  Had a lot of cancer, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.  Would have been a whole lot easier of a project than the Olds, that was for sure.  But no…I wanted to keep the Olds.

I spent the first few years I had the car rebuilding the engine and then having the tranny rebuilt.  Next I spent an entire summer doing nothing but body work.  Seriously, I spent like 8 or 9 hours a day sanding that thing.  It was crazy.  I had to round up a new hood, grill, and one fender…had to go all the way to Classic Auto Parts in Hayden, Idaho to find them.  Even they needed a bunch of work.  It was around that time that I found Dick Major’s ’60 Olds Club and joined…Dick was a big help, and I bought a bunch of parts from him too.  Eventually I got the body straight enough and put the engine and tranny back in.  Had a guy out in East Missoula spray the paint…his name is Shaun Wells, and he did a heck of a nice job for the money.  I only paid $350 for him to spray it, and it looks great.  He also painted my ’84 Z28 and ’91 T/A.  Thanks again Shaun!!

After getting it painted, I ended up moving a couple of time, and didn’t really have much time to work on it.  The interior was still gutted.  I did get the seats done by a guy with 30 years in the business, right before he retired and sold the shop.  He did a great job.  It went into a sort of automotive cocoon for a few years while I finished other projects.  Finally got serious about getting the interior halfway done a few years ago.  Welded up the floor that was rusted out, painted the interior, made a headliner from scratch, painted the whole dash area…  It looks pretty good.  All that’s really left now are door panels and a couple of pieces of exterior trim.  I need a set of “core” door panels for a 98 two door if you know where I can find some :).  88s won’t work…I found out the hard way that the rear panels in the 88 are about 4″ shorter than the 98.  Oh well.

Anyway, below are some photo galleries of my car and all the work I’ve done on it.  Enjoy :).

WARNING: HIGH BANDWIDTH-There’s a ton of pictures here–they take a minute to load…


Floor Repair:

Steering Wheel Restoration:

Trunk Repair:

Interior Restoration:

Photo Shoots:


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  1. do you still need some trim ?
    I have several 60 olds
    one is 3 of them are 98 9a 2 door, a ragtop, a 4dr)
    theragtop is getting parted out, my friend is using half of it to tuen his 59 caddy into a ragtop.
    I am keeping everything olds
    also have a wagons and a 4dr flat top in really good original condition.
    send me your Email, will send pics



  2. Hi Denis,
    Sent you an e-mail…let me know if you didn’t get it.

  3. Robert Grönberg

    Hello Denis!

    I wonder about that flat top that You own…is it a 98?

    My uncle is looking for that model, and even though we have MANY old american cars here in Sweden that model is quite rare. If is a 98, is it for sale? Would it be possible for You to e-mail me som pictures of the car?

    Thank You in advance

    Robert Grönberg, Halmstad, Sweden

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