Mario Konig-Super 88 Celebrity Sedan

Hi guys,
my name is Mario and i come from Germany.
My car is a 1960 Olds Super 88 Celebrity Sedan which was sold by SCRIPTURE OLDSMOBILE in San Rafael, CA.
The Olds was sold on March 3. 1960 to a man from Santa Rosa, CA. I have all the papers including Owners Manual, Owners Protection Policy, 30.000 Mile Guarantee Certificate and the original Bill of Sale.
In 1991 the car was sold to a German guy who brought it to Germany. Then 6 years later i saw the car, in original condition, at a dealer near my hometown.I was impressed about the size and there were no fins what makes the car even longer. It was love at first sight, this was the car i wanted to own. The engine was not running because of the heads and the intake was missing. I made a deal with the guys there and they built in a chevy 350/350 combo.
It works. In 1997, me and my wife drove all summer long to all the small and big car-meetings. But after that we decided that it was time to do some things like replacing the carpet, the headliner and a litle bit more. That was the beginning of a complete restauration which was finished in 1999. Since then we had only much fun with our GoldenOlds.

with friendly greetings,
Mario (goldenolds)

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