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Join the Original 1960 Oldsmobile Club!


Contact: Dick Major dmajor@netonecom.net


I'd like to encourage anyone with a 1960 Oldsmobile to join the original '60 Olds club. When you join the club, you become a member of the largest network of '60 Olds owners around! Every month members mail out a "newsletter" to other members, rotating through the member list. The President of the club, Dick Major has been running the club for 17 years, and is an expert on these classics. He's a heck of a nice guy too!

Here's a quick rundown of how it works:


  • Your name is added to the bottom of the list of members.

  • When your name gets to the top of the list you write an article about your 1960 Oldsmobile, or where and when you have seen one etc. You send a copy of your article to each member on the roster and move your name down to the bottom of the list. You do all of this at your own expense.

  • There is an annual $15 dues fee, due in June of each year.


  • You may sell your N.O.S. or used parts via the "Newsletter," or ask for parts needed or wanted.

  • For any information or advice, you can write to the addressees below.

  • Make extra copies of your article to pass out at car shows, etc.

  • The "Newsletter" is to be mailed by the 15th of the month in order to give the next person time to write his/her "Newsletter."


I'd encourage all '60 owners to get ahold of Dick and join up!